Ever since we opened our doors in 1956, E&K has been uncompromising in the commitment to deliver the highest quality products and services our clients demand, anywhere they need them. Today, we’re one of the largest interior & exterior finish contractors in the US, with offices throughout the country. We’ve built our reputation for excellence one project at a time.

In our years of work, we’ve focused on everything from exterior to interior finish in construction, with specialized ceiling services and other specific services. We focus on commercial buildings, with hospitals, stores, schools, and churches being among our main projects. We’re proud of our continual customer base, which shows that E&K Companies, Inc. continues to dedicate itself to the same quality service since it was founded.

If your commercial building needs quality interior and exterior finish contractors, contact E&K Companies, Inc. at the office nearest you to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and excellently.


It is our challenge to be the first to incorporate technology that benefits all parties on a project. With the new technologies of the past couple of decades, we have been able to better benefit our customers and our employees.

New technologies allow for safer and more efficient processes for our employees, which in turn allows for quicker project completion, as well as higher quality and durable results. Contact us for superior construction solutions.


Core Purpose – We are a proactive provider of construction solutions through an inspired, diverse, and imaginative workforce.

Vision – We will be a nationally recognized organization sought after by customers, suppliers, employees, and investors by:

  • Providing a personally rewarding workplace
  • Incorporating strategic placement of highly talented professionals
  • Being a highly effective, lean, and nimble organization
  • Maximizing returns to shareholders and employees
  • Pursuing strategic growth opportunities


  • Treat people right
  • Act with integrity
  • Be accountable to ourselves and our clients
  • Be a responsible steward in our communities
  • Be results driven
  • Demand uncompromising safety
  • Recognize innovative solutions
  • Have fun
  • Celebrate winning


Our employees are our most important asset. E&K is committed to hiring an inspired, diverse, and imaginative workforce that aligns with our culture and values. We will provide a personally rewarding workplace with a group of highly talented professionals that promotes career development.

See our LinkedIn page for current jobs listings.



Kent Vipond – Chairman of the Board, CDM Investment Group
Brice Neiman – CEO, CDM Investment Group
Brian Baumert – CFO, CDM Investment Group
Brad Sampson – CMO, CDM Investment Group
Nicole Yost – President, CDM Service Group
Dave Chaffee – President, E&K Companies
Greg Williamsen – President, E&K of Omaha
Jim Parker – President, E&K of Kanas City
Jim Sanford – Main Contact, E&K of Denver
Jeff Dowd – President, E&K of Phoenix
Jeff Shelton – President, E&K of Chicago
Curtis Braun – General Manager, E&K of Central Missouri


13864 "L" Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68137
Phone: (402) 895-3777


1401 East 69th Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80229
Phone: (303) 288-3300

Kansas City

4600 Martha Truman Road
Grandview, Missouri 64030
Phone: (816) 765-4700


4010 North 27th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85017
Phone: (602) 269-8566

Central Missouri

398 Dix Road Unit 104
Jefferson City, MO 65106
Phone: (573) 556-8770


343 Carol Lane
Elmhurst, IL 60126
Phone: (630) 530-9001