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We are proud of our safety culture. We strive to continuously improve that culture through programs and initiatives which is born out by our safety record. Employee involvement is critical at all levels to ensure our success, therefore, all employees are integral in our decision-making process.

The following are the principles that guide and support our safety culture:

. Anyone has the right and duty to stop an unsafe act
. All accidents are avoidable
. Every employee will be provided safety training at the time of hire and throughout his or her employment
. Every task needs to be planned and work cannot start until it can be performed safely
. Communicate and coach others to work safely
. Focus on behavior, not just the environment
. Share and implement ideas on how to continuously improve our safety culture
. Be part of the solution


We take pride in our work. We hold ourselves, and our partners, to the highest standards. Our clients receive the highest level
of quality on every project. The E&K Quality Assurance Program is utilized to ensure we meet your expectations and provide excellence in our daily practices. 

Today, you can see the tangible results of our program in three ways:

. A Quality Assurance Plan tailored to your project.
. Execution of that plan on the job site which includes self- inspection and use of third-party inspections.
. E&K's extensive resume of completed signature projects.


We focus on doing it right the first time. Through pre-planning and effective project management we focus on the most efficient delivery of our expertise and services in all aspects of our business. Our planning, sequencing, and execution run vertically through our organization and assures a quality product on time and on budget. We focus on each individual job ensuring that the execution of our project plan fits the needs of our partners and clients.

. Panelization of exterior skin buildings
. Prefab of items both interior and exterior
. Premanufactured drywall corners, soffits, wall sections
. Proper sequencing of work, materials, manpower, and trade partners
. Finding the right materials for the right job
. Value engineering solutions
. Think innovation, find innovation, deploy innovation
. Union trained craftsman
. Preplanning each task for Safety, Quality, and Efficiency
E&K of Omaha
13864 “L” Street
Omaha, NE 68137
(402) 895-3777
E&K of Denver
1401 E 69th Avenue
Denver, CO 80229
(303) 288-3300
E&K of Kansas City
4001 E. 143rd Street
Grandview, MO 64030
(816) 765-4700
E&K of Phoenix
1802 W. Knudsen Drive
Phoenix, AZ. 85027
(602) 269-8566
E&K of Chicago
343 Carol Lane
Elmhurst, IL 60126
(630) 530-9001
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