Construction Safety for E&K Companies, Inc.

At E&K, we are proud of our safety record. However, we do strive to continuously improve our safety program, our safety culture, and our safety record. We strive to provide the safest environment possible. We understand that employee involvement at all levels is critical for the success of this effort.

stop take 5 safety rules

These are the principles that guide and support our safety culture:

  • Everyone has the right to stop an unsafe act
  • All accidents are avoidable
  • Every employee will be provided safety training at time of hire and throughout his or her employment
  • Every task needs to be planned; work cannot start until it can be done safely
  • Communicate and coach others to work safely
  • Focus on behavior, not just environment
  • Share and implement ideas on how to continuously improve our safety culture
  • Working safely and following our safety program are conditions of employment



Our employees are our most important asset, so we work hard to keep them safe. Our commitment extends to all trades on the job and the general publics as well. E&K’s outstanding safety record has earned us numerous awards, and we are able to maintain one of the lowest MOD ratings in the industry, saving you money and peace of mind.


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